From this day forward there will be a lot of new additions on the Discography pages that have never been there before.

Øistein Wickle

Registrations Closed

July 11, 2017

Hi there everybody.

Due to the fact that many people register only to try to hack the site, or try to comment on things with spam, and such, we feel that it`s necessary to close registrations.

However, feel free to check in occasionally to get the latest news



Hi all.
The 16th of September this year at 14:00, on the docks of Tønsberg, it is once again time for a new sing-along show with songs by Jahn Teigen, by several artist. Feel free to join the show, it’s completely free.

Added a video

March 24, 2017

Hi there Folks.
I just added a video from 2016, when Jahn Teigen and others perform at the Norwegian ESC finals

You will find it in the “Video” section.



Hi there all.

We would like to inform you that the site is now operated by both Øistein Wickle and myself, Eric Dahl.

I am here to ensure that the layout, and the user experience is taken care of on this site.

We trust that you will enjoy this encyclopedia about Jahn Teigen.

On the right, You`ll find the contact info for Jahn`s management, Trond Lie, and also my personal mail adress.



Eric Dahl

Til Kongen.

May 14, 2014

EP and Til Kongen – Jahn’s new song is now out on iTunes.

Øistein Wickle.

In the magazine Se & Hør now as you will read that Jahn Teigen coming out with a new song and CD in Tuesday’s edition of the magazine Se & Hør . 13.05.2014. The new song is titled ” Til Kongen “. In addition to this, the song will be premiered in Radio P4 on Tuesday 13.05.2014. Only in the magazine Se & Hør.

Sincerely Øistein Wickle.

Popol Vuh with Jahn Teigen 1972 on LP are now being released after 41 years. Click on CDON.COM where you can buy this for 159, – NOK.


Øistein Wickle.

The Enemies with Jahn Teigen 1968 on LP is now released after 45 years.
Click on CDON.COM where you can buy this for 159, – NOK.


Øistein Wickle.

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