Welcome to Norway’s first ever official website for Jahn Teigen. The idea for this “Musical History from 1964” was for many years on my “To Do” list, but the first lines were written down on 01.02.1998 and was online about 6 months later. These pages contain material about the time Jahn Teigen played in bands such as: The Little Stones, Enemies, Road, Red Square, Lions of Judah, Arman Sumpe d.e, Popol Vuh, Nisser og Dverger, Popol Ace, Prima vera, etc.

Jahn Teigen needs no introduction. We all know him as a pop singer, actor, juggler, and fun man – and many times have we laughed at his lines and various pranks. Behind the pop singer and fun man hides, however, an artist with a deep respect for the genuine, warm and close. Jahn Teigen is in fact a human spirit that can be influenced by their surroundings, and that often helps to put the other in the mood.

The best of luck on Your journey!
Best Regards From
Øistein Wickle.

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Jahn Teigen 1949 – 2020.

My dear good friend Jahn Teigen for several years has passed away. He fell asleep quietly at Ystad Hospital in Sweden last night ?. Jahn turned 70 years old. This is and will be a sad day. Even so, I have known Jahn for many, many years. My first conversation with Jahn was 04.04.1991 when my daughter Marte was born. My first meeting with Jahn was in 1991. And since then we had contact. Countless meetings and many long phone calls. Jahn was a warm and wonderful person. There was always laughter around him. An amazing human being. A man’s bauta has passed away so far too early. Norway has lost the greatest entertainer of them all. A great voice, the artist has quieted down and will be remembered forever. My thoughts go to his closest. Rest in peace my dear friend! You will be remembered as the greatest of them all.

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New Single

Today, on his own 70`th birthday, Jahn releases a new single called “Ikke Som Alle Andre”

The cover is drawn by Jahn`s Daughter, Sara

This release is currently only available as a digital release, from iTunes, Spotify and Tidal.

Lyrics: J. Teigen / Ø. Wiik
Melody: J. Teigen


Happy Birthday, From all of us 🙂

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New Release

We remember when POPOL ACE had a show on January 23 2003. This show was released on DVD. Now also released on orange vinyl, limited edition, 250 copies.

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Summer Greetings

We have today received a summer greeting from Jahn, and it is a great pleasure for us to get permission to publish this greeting in full.

“Hi everyone,

Regarding my 70th anniversary there are many exciting projects in progress.

Øystein Wiik has written a brand new Musical based on my songs. It premieres at Chateau Neuf on September 12.

This is in many ways my own “Mamma Mia” – a whole new story – music, humor and joy.

I am very proud and looking forward to this. This year there are also many people who want to celebrate and celebrate me with various shows. Also at Oseberg Culture House, in my hometown of Tønsberg, several concerts will be held this summer which have been named “Congratulations with Jahn”. I wish you the best of luck with the concerts. In addition, on September 21, a 70 year Allsang tribute will be arranged at Oseberg Kulturhus, where amongst others Anita, CirCuz and a number of local artists from Tønsberg will participate. This replaces the traditional Allsangen at Brygga which my local supporters have arranged with great success in recent years. I am very grateful for that. I wish you all a really good summer – and look forward to seeing you at Chateau Neuf in September


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New Releases

We all remember the POPOL ACE concert 23 – January 2003. This concert came as mentioned on DVD. Now it also comes on CD and VINYL. The release date for this is 20.09.19 – possibly sooner.
Here you see pictures of the upcoming CD.
A masterpiece of a CD – Enjoy!
This is out for pre-ordering on many platforms.
Also on www.skvis.no
This is published on GRAPPA MUSIKKFORLAG A / S.

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New additions to the Discography pages.

From this day forward there will be a lot of new additions on the Discography pages that have never been there before.

Øistein Wickle

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Registrations Closed

Hi there everybody.

Due to the fact that many people register only to try to hack the site, or try to comment on things with spam, and such, we feel that it`s necessary to close registrations.

However, feel free to check in occasionally to get the latest news



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The 2017 Sing-Along Show

Hi all.
The 16th of September this year at 14:00, on the docks of Tønsberg, it is once again time for a new sing-along show with songs by Jahn Teigen, by several artist. Feel free to join the show, it’s completely free.

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