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The Enemies

In the mid-1960s, Jahn began seriously to pursue a career as an artist. Along with a bunch of anxious Tønsberg-boys practicing day and night, the band gets to realize their dream of becoming renowned musicians.
Eventually the group "The Enemies" formed, which in Norwegian means "enemies". The crew consisted of Jahn Teigen (bass and vocals), Freddy Lepsøe (lead guitar), Freddy Pettersson (drums) and John Erik Holtan (Guitar and Organ). The Enemies practiced ieven in Holtan's basement. They also traveled to Nesodden and rehearsed in the house of the grandmother to the child star Anne Mette Pålsrud.
Enemies released one album "The Enemies" in 1968. It was released on the CBS company Phonogram. This was the first Lp release Jahn Teigen was part of. The crew on this disc were the following persons:

John Erik Holtan - guitar and organ
Jahn Teigen - voice / bass
Freddy Lepsøe - lead guitar
Per Einar Goldeng - drums

Former Enemies member, Freddy Petterson, was replaced by
Per Einar Goldeng (drums).