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Popol Vuh

Popol Vuh originated from the group Arman Sumpe D.E. Arman Sumpe released the single "Fligh high" / "Steel Grass", and started getting a rising popularity in Norway. The group, however, consisted of a variety of musicians, and by a slimming process, 6 musicians remained. This was Jahn Teigen (Vocals), Pete Knutsen (guitar and piano), Terje Methi (bass guitar), Thor Andreassen (drums), Arne Schulze (guitar) and Pjokken Eide (Flute and Trombone). The group was called Popol Vuh. This name was a result of a naming contest held by a magazine called "Det Nye". Popol Vuh means "People's Books / People's Vision".
Popol Vuh had great success here at home with his debut LP, and in 1972 the group performed Roskilde in Denmark for 40,000 people. The group also had a 3 week tour of Sweden and Denmark. They also had their own TV show in Norway. This was based on songs from the album, with subsequent tours, TV appearances and festival and club jobs in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Belgium.
Popol Vuh quickly gained a reputation in the Norwegian rock environment, and had a loyal and large audience.
The group was the first ever Spellemannspris in the class of rock for their debut album, "Popol Vuh".
At the launch plans abroad, the group changed its name to Popol Ace. The reason for this was that a German band was already using the name Popol Vuh.