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Red Squares frontRed Squares bak

The ongoing and certain Jahn Teigen took the initiative to invite the English group "Red Squares" to Norway. Red Square was a group that at this time was very popular in Denmark, and Jahn undertook in his inquiries responsibility for arranging a week's tour of Norway for the group.
Jahn made soon noted above, members of the Red Square with his wild antics and good humor. His beautiful voice was immediately noticed by the band members, and he was eventually taken into the fire with the group. The first of the group wanted to engage him fast, and take him to Denmark and England, where the group was touring on.
Jahn rejected this in favor of a Skien Group named "Road". Road was known for solid earnings and great stage show at the time in Norway. After 4 concerts, however, he regretted the break with Red Square, and went after them to the big abroad.
In the future, he toured with Red Squares all over Denmark. Popularity was at its peak.
After a time the group would try to break through in England. This was not good, and the downturn was great. The journey then went back to Denmark and then on to Israel. Neither here were Red Squares some breakthroughs, and Jahn parted with the group when it returned to England.
In Israel, however, Jahn had the opportunity to sing and develop further in the Israeli group "Lions of Judah". Jahn spent about 1 year in Israel with the group.