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Jahn & Inger Lise: "Voodoo"

VoodoA Voodoo2
Singelen fra begge sider

The song Voodoo on this single was performed by Jahn Teigen and Inger Lise Rypdal in the Norwegian Grand Prix final in 1976. The song came on 2 sites of a total of 5 songs. In the Norwegian finals surprised and shocked Teigen the Norwegian people to set up in sjelettdrakt, causing much blest in the media and in people's mouth for a long time afterwards. It must also be noted that Jahn Teigen performed the 3 songs in the Norwegian final of the Grand Prix in 1976.
It was known as "Voodoo". And the other was a "hurry" and "Always a breeze".
More information on the song Voodoo is the course Grand Prix.
B-side on this single is "Baby Blue", and is only performed by Inger Lise Rypdal.