Summer Greetings

We have today received a summer greeting from Jahn, and it is a great pleasure for us to get permission to publish this greeting in full.

“Hi everyone,

Regarding my 70th anniversary there are many exciting projects in progress.

Øystein Wiik has written a brand new Musical based on my songs. It premieres at Chateau Neuf on September 12.

This is in many ways my own “Mamma Mia” – a whole new story – music, humor and joy.

I am very proud and looking forward to this. This year there are also many people who want to celebrate and celebrate me with various shows. Also at Oseberg Culture House, in my hometown of Tønsberg, several concerts will be held this summer which have been named “Congratulations with Jahn”. I wish you the best of luck with the concerts. In addition, on September 21, a 70 year Allsang tribute will be arranged at Oseberg Kulturhus, where amongst others Anita, CirCuz and a number of local artists from Tønsberg will participate. This replaces the traditional Allsangen at Brygga which my local supporters have arranged with great success in recent years. I am very grateful for that. I wish you all a really good summer – and look forward to seeing you at Chateau Neuf in September


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