Welcome to Norway’s first ever official website for Jahn Teigen. The idea for this “Musical History from 1964” was for many years on my “To Do” list, but the first lines were written down on 01.02.1998 and was online about 6 months later. These pages contain material about the time Jahn Teigen played in bands such as: The Little Stones, Enemies, Road, Red Square, Lions of Judah, Arman Sumpe d.e, Popol Vuh, Nisser og Dverger, Popol Ace, Prima vera, etc.

Jahn Teigen needs no introduction. We all know him as a pop singer, actor, juggler, and fun man – and many times have we laughed at his lines and various pranks. Behind the pop singer and fun man hides, however, an artist with a deep respect for the genuine, warm and close. Jahn Teigen is in fact a human spirit that can be influenced by their surroundings, and that often helps to put the other in the mood.

The best of luck on Your journey!
Best Regards From
Øistein Wickle.

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