Complete Tour and Show list for The sixties.

Jahn Teigen and his band The Little Stones had their first concert on
community center in Tønsberg, Norway.
This was the very first band to Jahn Teigen.

The Enemies held performances in Skien.

The Enemies played on Nøtterøy. Wilhelmsen Hall.

The Enemies played solid at school parties in Tønsberg. Tønsberg Gymnas.

This day then played The Enemies in Farrishallen.
Present here as it was about. 4 000 people.

The Enemies warmed up for the Pussycats, who played on Skoppum, Borre Borg.

The Enemies played in Buskerud (Aamodt).

Late in the summer of 1966.
This late summer it was The Enemies on tour in Denmark.
In Aalborg, they played for 14 days. In Fredericia in Jutland as they had a performance.
In addition to this, so had The Enemies few “odd jobs” such as the blockhouses.

Late in the summer of 1966. 
After the tour in Denmark then traveled The Enemies of Rjukan to hold a concert.

Oslo 1966.
The Enemies played on Hammersborg, Rondo and Veitvedt.

Drammen 1966.
The Enemies held a concert at Rocke wheel.

The Enemies held a concert at a school party on Nøtterøy.
In the summer of 1967.
This summer saw The Enemies lived in a tent behind Bygdøy Cafe when they played a solid period of Sjølyst.

The fall of 1967.
Jahn and The Enemies. Live in Halden.
The crew consisted of:
Jahn Teigen, Lepsøe Freddy, Freddy Pettersson and John Erik Holtan.

May 1968.
Jahn and Skien Group Road was on tour. It was recorded partly at Rondo in Oslo os STEVNEPLASSEN in Skien. Before Jahn joined the band as the band called Road Runners. Jahn was the sixth member of the group.
Road Runners changed its name to Road when Jahn joined. After a few concerts jumped by Jahn. He had been lead singer offers from the English group Red Square. Some Jahn accepted.
At the time, Jahn was in Skien group that was following with:
Jan Petter Bratsberg (Song) from the bends, Gunvald Haugen (lead guitar, vocals) from Gimsøy, Vidar Thorstensen (12 string rhythm guitar, vocals) from Nylende, Jahn Teigen (Sang) from Tønsberg, Morten Pedersen (drums, vocals) from the bends and establishments Moen (bass, vocals) from Breidablikk.

The years 1968 and 1969.
From concerts by Road from Skien to concerts with Red Squares from England then gave Red Square concerts in Denmark and England. In Denmark they had concerts including Copenhagen and Tivoli. In England, as they toured almost everywhere in Southern England, Cornwall and London. So back to Denmark with new concerts.
Red Squares consisted of the following members as Jahn was:
Jahn Teigen, Mick Rothwell, Rick Moloney, Georgie Hastings and
Dennis Hastings.

Jahn with Red Square held a concert at Roskilde.

Late summer 1969.
Jahn with Red Squares held concerts in Israel.

Jahn was the lead singer of the band Araiot. In English: Lions of Judea.
Jahn and the Lions of Judah held concerts all over Israel:
Tel Aviv – Jerusalem. Golan heights, the border with Lebanon. In a small village there called Kiriat Smone held Jahn and Lions of Judea concert. Concerts were laid on national holidays, where they played for people such as. Golda Meir and Moshe Dayan.
When Jahn was with the Lions of Judea as the band consisted of the following:
Haim Algranati, Shuki Algranati, Moshe Boyanjo, Jahn Teigen and Moshe Siberman.