Complete Tour and Show list for The eighties.

Jahn Teigen & Teigens Tent.
Kick-off was in Drammen 20.06.1980. After that, as following:
Tønsberg 21.06 – Sandefjord 24.06 – Skien 25.06 – Kragerø 26.06 – Arendal 27.06 – Kristiansand S 28.06 – Flekkefjord 30.06 – Vigrestad 01.07 – Stavanger 02.07 – Haugesund 03.07 – Leirvik 04.07 – 05.07 Bergen – Voss 07.07 – Sogndalsfjøra 08.07 – Førde 10.07 – Nordfjordeid 11.07 – Yeppoon 12.07 – 13.07 Ålesund – Molde 14.07 – Kristiansund N 15.07 – 16.07 Sunndalsøra – Namsos 18.07 – 19.07 Steinkjer – Trondheim 20.07.1980.
In Oslo, the concert was 31.07.1980, but no tent. It was held at Jordal Amfi, where nearly 5 000 had shown up. Jahn used the 28 musical numbers and seven stage shift.

Prima Vera started his three-week North-Norway tour in Vardo. Before this tour, so they had a trial performance in Oslo.
After a week in the North they had to return home because storm.
The cities they live before they break up was:
Vardo 18.01 – Kirkenes 19.01 – Vadsø 20.01 – Lakselv 21.01 – 23.01 Honningsvag – Alta 24.01 – Tromsø 26.01.
The tour was called off on 27.01.1981.

Prima Vera started his tour again. This time they started in Bergen on 10/02/1981.
Since the mission was to: Skien 06.03 – Larkollen 14.03 – Kragerø 20.03 – 21.03 Sandvika – Hønefoss 22.03 – 23.03 Sarpsborg – Fredrikstad 24.03.1981.

Free concert with Jahn Teigen and Herod False. This was an hour-long concert at the parliament in Oslo. The reason for this free concert was recorded by an internal advertisement for “synthesizer that plays everything himself.”

New tour with Prima Vera. This time it was the start of Nesbyen on 03/07/1981.
Since the mission was to: Egersund 04.07 – Kristiansand 05.07 – Oslo 06.07 – 08.07 Larvik —
And they concluded in Moss on 09/07/1981.

Prima Vera premiered on “Fisle Jester Panne in Tyrol on the 08/04/1981. The musical went to 24/06/1981.

Prima Vera tour – Vestlands tour.
The start went on Hawk Club in Skien on 04/11/1981. They were also visited Røros (Røros Gymbygg).
Some of the songs were: Gight fever – Swedish fuck – girls, wine and song – Weak people (with Jahn that Ms) – Rudolf’s red nose – Rattatta there is a war – it is a nice day.
This tour lasted until 05/12/1981.

Prima Vera’s concert at the Knight Concert Hall in Oslo.
On the same day as this concert took place as had been the Prima Vera Innova platebar and signed Prima Vera “The 5th”.

Springtime Tournament.
13.01.1982. Moss.
14.01.1982. Drammen.
15.01.1982. Gol.
26.01.1982. Hamar.
28.01.1982. Notodden.
30.01.1982. Risør.
02.02.1982. Elverum.
09.02.1982. Fagernes.

Teigens Congress set out on tour.
Tromsø 26.05 – 27.05 Harstad – Narvik 28.05 – Bodø 29.05 – Mo i rana 31.05 – Stein Kjær 01.06 – Trondheim 02.06 – Kristiansund N 03.05 – 04.05 Molde – Ålesund 06.06 – Måløy 07.05 – Førde 08.05 – 09.05 Plain – Radøy 09.05 – Bergen 10.05 – Husnes 11.05 – 12:05 Haugesund – Stavanger 13.05 – Kristiansand S 15.05 – Arendal 16.06 – Skien 17.06 – Tønsberg 18.06 – Oslo 19 and 20.06 – Kongsvinger 21.06 – Gjøvik 22.06 – Hønefoss 23.05 Kongsberg 24.06.1982.

Jahn’s concert at Mysen 29/08/1982. 15 000 saw the concert.

Prima Vera Test Performances:
16.10.1982. Ila Country Jail in Oslo.
17.10.1982. B.I. In the basement of Oslo.
18.10.1982. Jeppe basement in Oslo.

Springtime Tournament.
25.10.1982. Lillestrøm Theater.
26.10.1982. Halden.
27.10.1982. Fredrikstad Kino.
28.10.1982. Askim Theater.
29.10.1982. Notodden Theater.
30.10.1982. Drammen Teater.
31.10.1982. Hotel Klubben in Tonsberg.
01.11.1982. Larvik Theater.
02.11.1982. Kristiansand Theater.
03.11.1982. Porsgrunn Theater.
04.11.1982. Brains and Sandefjord.
05.11.1982. Risør Theater.
06.11.1982. Arendal Theater.
07.11.1982. Grimstad.
08.11.1982. Mandal Kino.
09.11.1982. Flekkefjord Theater.
11.11.1982. Stavanger Konserthus.
28.11.1982. Kongsvinger Theater.
30.11.1982. Gjøvik Kino.
01.12.1982. Namsos Theater.
02.12.1982. Trondheim.
03.12.1982. Levanger cinema.
06.12.1982. Åndalsnes Theater.
07.12.1982. Otta Community.
08.12.1982. Hamar Kino.
09.12.1982. Engen Theater in Bergen.

10/02/1983 to 11/04/1983.
Prima Vera had show at the ABC Theater in Oslo. It was the show “Ha ha he he ho, the crazy has it good”. During this period they were on ABC-The theater was always full, but when the last show was held was the last they played in Norway. Until they reappeared in 2000.

Concert at Valdres days at Fagernes.
In the five fairs that summer Jahn had an average audience of 11 000

August 1983.
Jahn has a concert at Lillestrøm fair.
Here he has with the Black Lace and Herod False and a pikekor. They will perform including “Do-Re-Me”.

Jahn’s concert with Gøsta Linder Holm and Totte Wallin.
Premiere on the hulls show “Kravall”. In Stockholm in restaurant Cabaret. In this show Jahn won great applause. Expressen in Sweden utalte that no Jahn then did not this show raised very many centimeters above the dance floor.
Jahn was standing on stage in Cabaret until the New Year.

November 1983. 
Jahn and Anita sings three songs in the “Sunday Box”. TV program in Stockholm.

Jahn was accompanied by the Symphonic Orchestra of the Alexandra Hotel in Loen. This was the first time Jahn appearing with a Symphonic Orchestra. There had Jahn as “backing” during his concert Nordfjord Ungdomskorps and big band music at the Firda college. Some of the songs played were: Friendly – Cheek two cheek – Ha ha he he ho.

Jahn and Carol I TV show on Saturday 24/03/1984. Was sent to the people.
The show was called “Carola looked into the Nordic region”. Jahn was a guest.

Jahn and Anita started her Cheek two cheek tour of Oslo Amusement Center Friday night on 11/05/1984.
Moreover, the journey partly to: Ålesund – Songndal – Åmot. Jahn and Anita ended their Norway tour on the back.

Jahn’s concert at Holmenkollen 26.08.1984.

Prima Vera’s first meeting with foreign journalists in Stockholm was the 25.10.1984, before the concert on 30/10/1984 at Cabaret Restaurant in Stockholm. Jahn lined up in the scout costume, Tom Mathisen in blågul dressing gown and Herod False in the same suit and boxing boots – presented as John Travolta.

This date in Cabaret Restaurant in Stockholm, the last Prima Vera did. The adventure was over. But as mentioned earlier, in 2000 crashed the loose again.

April 1985.
Jahn and “The Camping Group” started its tour in Sweden Uppsala.
“The Camping Group” consisted of:
Jahn Teigen, Ole Edvard Antonsen, Bruce Rasmussen, Arild Stav, Svein Dag Hauge, Geir Langslet and Sam Bengtsson.
During this tour, including this play:
Celebration – Do Re Mi – Salzkammergut – Friendly – Sound of love.

Jahn and “The Camping Group” had a concert in Helsigborg in Sweden.
During the concert broke Jahn arm, but the show continued. To the tumultuous cheers Jahn completed the 75-minute show.

Jahn is with the London Symphony Orchestra on tour.
The start was in Copenhagen 08.05.1985 – Oslo 09.05.
During this tour, Jahn sang two songs: “Hey Jude” and “A white shade of pale”.

Jahn had tour premiere at Orkanger. Touring band consisted of Svein Dag
Hauge, Geir Langslet, Bruce Rasmussen and Terje Engedal.

Jahn’s concert in Badeparken in Droebak.

Jahn’s club tour started at Downtown in Kristiansand on the evening of 31/07/1986.
This was a tour that was all about visiting small clubs in Norway and Sweden.
Jahn and his Tornado had musicians as:
Bruce Rasmussen, Bjørn Ole Rasch, Audun Erllen and Eivind Aarseth.
And two dancers: Catharina Ek and Alexa.

Jahn song gammelpop on “Sardines” in Oslo on 01.12.1986, where he was a guest artist.

August 1988.
Jahn song on Momarkedet in a common number with Bjorn Afzelius, Kim Larsen and Aage Aleksandersen. Jahn performed: The next move, something to keep in, Sensation and the most beautiful that exists. As a common number they sang “Kringsat af Enemies”. This song is one of Kim Larsen’s hits.

May 1989. 
Jahn is on the scene with Daisy de Luxes witch opera “Which Witch” in Amsterdam. This is the third time it is with Jahn. The first time was the world premiere in Bergen in 1987. Jahn perform that well known song “The Executioner”.