Complete Tour and Show list for The Nineties

Jahn sings Christmas with the World Festival Choir in Oslo Concert Hall.
This choir, which started in 1985, the 5000 singers from Sskandinavia. In the Oslo Concert Hall is the 250 singers from Norway. This is the first time that Jahn is on the soloist list.

Jahn is on stage during Tønsberg fair and sings a duet with Carola. The song was “Knocking on Heaven door”. This was a concert that Carola had in Tønsberg Fair. When the concert was almost finished then enters Jahn scene. Jahn rescued the mood here.

Jahn’s concert in Larvik.

Jahn was accompanied by his daughter Sara on stage the 25/08/1993.
Sara celebrated his 9 th birthday with my dad and mom on stage. This happened in Mysen – Momarkedet. There was Sarah for the first time and for Jahn as it has been 15 times. Jahn lined up with a 14 man and woman strong band. This was a preview of the CD “Rondo” and the Norway tour. Sara and her friend Helene sings backing vocals on “Heij”. The choir also consisted of Anita Skorgan, and Kari Kari Gjærum Iveland.
Otherwise, it was recorded:
“The Jesus”, “Hazardous air”, “Disniland”, “Sleep in your tracks”, “Lonely Night”, “New Life” and “The time stands still.”

Concert in Skien – Park Cinema. Jahn has a 25 year anniversary.
Act 1:
Music of the Night – Valzer Bianco – Heijen – Mile after mil – Queen of all queens – Ballademedley: Love / Should said IFRA / Friendly – The next move – a different reality – Rest in your tracks – A day-break – Prima VeraMedley: Ha ha he he ho / a nice day / Nabon / Everyone gets something for Christmas / Happy in Sweden / Kalinka – My first love – Shock threat intended.
Act 2:
Executioner – Amigos para slempre – Life flows – No Man’s Land – Sala Palmer – Taxi
Grand Prixmedley: Yes / smile / do-re-mi / glasnost – Turn the ring – let me free. Competition! (the new Jesus is in progress) – The most beautiful that exists – Pappa, jag want a itallenare – Optimist – Lonely night – Wheels in motion – Clown without scene – Be good again.
This was a Norway tour.

09 (Thursday) and 10 (Friday) .06.1994.
At: 22.00 these evenings:
Popol Ace had the reunion concert at the Rebecca West in Oslo.

Popol Ace had the reunion concert at Rockefeller in Oslo.

Jahn’s concert at the Gladstone Ullstein in Kongsvinger.

During this period, Popol Ace went back on the road. The following places they had concerts; Moss, Eidsvoll, Porsgrunn, Oslo, Bergen, Karmøy, Knarvik, Stavanger, Krokstadelva and Trysil.

Jahn’s concert / show “Piccolo” in the Caledonian Hotel in Kristiansand.
From July 10: Week 28, 29, 30, (extra). Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 21.30.

Jahn Teigen, Anita Skorgan and Espen Skjønberg had a Christmas concert in Gjerpen church, Skien, at: 18.00.

Jahn’s concert in Skien – Ibsen Park 18.06.1998 in connection with the GS-bank’s 150 year anniversary.