Jahn has been written about in these publishings.

En personelig beretning om Jahn Teigen.
Øyvind Brigg/Hans O.Forsang – 1978.
P.F.Steensballes forlag A.S. – ISBN 82-7004-1661 (Innb.) ISBN 82-7004-1688 (Heftet).
For this book, Jahn has written the foreword:

Several months have passed since Øyvind Brigg and Hans-Olav Forsang put forward the idea of creating a book about me. It would be a story in words and pictures about my career, the recent explosion of sympathy from thousands aav Norwegians, and an attempt to break down my ego. I was flattered, very pleased and proud. It would come on top of everything else that has pleased me in this hectic year. They wanted everything to be created in the full understanding and transparency, with the reading of the manuscript, and presentation of the pictorial sections. And it was really collaborative. Many hours of tape recording, on tour, constant questions and talk about things I had never talked to the press about. Things that were pulled out, old and new that I had not thought about it carefully … It was a nice feeling to be taken seriously with humor and action besides. That the boys would go to the bottom of the issues and present myself in an honest and professional manner. So will you see and read and think for yourself. For me, it’s nice to know that the result is: This is me

Oslo, 27/10- 78.

Jahn Teigen.

Årets største begivenheter i bilder. 1978.
The fact Forlag A.s. – ISBN 82-540-0015-8. 
This book looks at the year’s highlights in 1978. Who does not remember the Eurovision Song Contest this year. The Norwegian finals March 18 (photo of Jahn here when he takes the split jump). Participation this year was tremendous. all 650 songs. Fagjuryen had pre-selected 8 songs that would get a chance to move on. This decision was in the hands of 9 judges. Competition sole winner was Jahn Teigen who would advance to the international final in Paris. The tune was “Mil etter Mil”. It later so famous split jump he performed and which also became his trademark. This is on page 55 On page 69 in this book there is a large picture of Jahn Teigen. (Picture from the final in Paris). There was one (as everyone knows) failure to success. This was April 23 this year. Here, Jahn Teigen his breakthrough with a last place in the final in Paris. It was 0 points. For Jahn Teigen who enter pots and buffoon was still the year’s Eurovision Song Contest a huge success. With fun performance and red pants he put an extra splash of color on the show. The winner this year was the tune “Ah-Bah-Nee-Bee” from Israel with 157 points.

Bare håret er høyt.
Herodes Falsk – 1983.
Currently Norwegian Publisher A.Ş. – ISBN 82-10-02458-2. 

I will for those of you who are not already aware of it, do note that all proceeds from this book go to charity. namely, to Herodes Falsk.
And he may need it! At that time Herodes Falsk was a little boy asked his teacher about what he would do when he was a big boy. “Nothing” Herodes said, and we can probably agree that he has done it quite so well. I will also take the opportunity to disclaim all the rumors that Herodes Falsk should be dissolved. According to Herodes Falsk`s contract with Prima vera he is going to have to keep up with itself in at least two more years. Moreover, he is too wimpy to endure the pain that a resolution would entail.

Åge Fatte.

In this book, as Herodes Falsk’ve written so Jahn is also mentioned in the form of text and images. On pages: 32 (photo of Herodes Falsk, Jahn Teigen and Tom Mathisen), 47 (photo by Jahn Teigen and Herodes Falsk), 49.50 and 51 History behind the play “Fisle Jester Panne in Tyrol”. Image of cover art from LP and MC, 53 (large image of Jahn), Press release: pages 64, 65 (photo of Primavera and Joku Fahr), and 67 where there is a large picture of Jahn. Press Type 2: On pages 70 and 71 Pages 72 and 73 deals with: The best of “Ebba” Primavera (1980). And a photo of Primavera on page 73 Pages 85 to 94 deals with Pr-trick. It’s about Primavera’s LP The 5th. Picture of the cover on page 87 and page 88 Cover No. 2 where they are walking up Karl Johan’s Gate in Oslo. Photo of Primavera, p. 117 This image is in the story of “A guide to restaurant life in Drammen. And to the end of this book there is picture of Jahn and Herod on the cover (back) where Jahn holds a screenplay and says:” Herod, you have not going to press this here ??!!.

Fra Tønsberg til Grand Prix.
Eva Christianne Borgengård – 1984.
Norwegian Gyldendal Forlag A.Ş. – ISBN 82-05-15352-3.

Eva Christianne Borgengård was Jahn Teigen impresario when he in 1966 was launched as an artist and singer in the group “Enemies”. She has known him better than most, and followed his career for years, later as a friend. The book she has written about Jahn Teigen hard way to the top is warm, cheerful and curious – just as himself. A charming book about a popular and great artist.

Se og Hør Boken 1984: Året i bilder.
A.S Forlaget For Alle 1984 – ISBN 82-06-02738-6 

This book from the Look and Listen discusses the year’s highlights. Here are Jahn and Anita photographed at the time they married in 1984.

Norge i Melodi Grand Prix.
Geir Johnsen – 1986.
Forlaget Atheneum A.Ş. – ISBN 82-7334-123-2.

This book deals with Norway and abroad in the Grand Prix context. The book examines the years from 1960 to 1985. Here it is written much about Jahn from when he was with for the first time in 1974 until 1983. From 1974 with the song “Where are you”. 1975 with the song “Love in”. 1976 with the song “Voodoo”. 1978 with the song “Mil etter Mil”. When it comes to “Mil etter Mil” there is also a photograph of Jahn when he takes the famous split defected in Paris in 1978. 1980 with the song “Yes”. 1982 with the song “Adieu”. Here is the ogå an image. This is a picture of Jahn and Anita and Rene Herail and Herodes Falsk. Moreover, it is from 1983, when Jahn performed the song “Do-Re-Mi”. Plus a picture of “korpike” Wenche Myhre and Jahn for the Norwegian victory in 1983. And that there is a picture of Jahn when he was the lead singer of the group.

Teigens Toner – Fra Mil etter Mil til Det vakreste som fins.
Frost Music A.Ş., Oslo, Norway – 1988.
Distribution: Frost Publisher A.Ş. – ISBN 82-90560-40-0.
The note booklet contains 13 songs by Jahn as a solo artist and 1 song from Primavera. Booklet was published in 1988. Those who have made this note booklet is Music – AS
Songs of note are as follows:
– Mil etter Mil.
– Adieu.
– Do re mi.
– Bli bra igjen.
– Det vakreste som fins.
– Et menneske.
– Friendly.
– Glasnost.
– Min første kjærlighet.
– Når jeg kommer dit (Primavera).
– Sala Palmer.
– Sensasjon.
– Slå ring.
– En dags pause.

Snakke sammen – En samtalebok for ungdom.
Teigen/Borøchstein- 1990.
Come Publishing A.Ş. – ISBN 82-90823-08-8. 

The “Talking Together,” you will meet 18 young people aged 12-16 years. Through conversations tilkjenngir of their views on everything from friendship, love and sex to the faith. The answers they come with are healthy and fertile, but also bear in themselves a natural varhet and curious wonder. You will also become better acquainted with two adults, psychiatrist Berthold Grunfeld and priest Karsten Isachsen. Their reflections are not intended to be no definitive answers to the many questions raised. On the contrary, it is hoped that they can be a source of further talks and discussions. The themes are built also by using short stories, poems and songs with notes. Altogether the book provides a diverse expressions of the thoughts and følelsersom stirred in young people. “Talking Together” is an exciting and personal ungdomsbok as ogå have much to give to all who have the youth to do.

Se og Hør Boken 1993: Året i bilder.
See and Hear Forlaget 1993 – ISBN 82-06-02772-6. 

This book from the Look and Listen discusses the year’s highlights. Here are Jahn mentioned in the March month. when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest. It was then that Silje Kavanagh (16) won the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix Final in March 1993 with the song “All my thoughts”. Jahn was one of the first who congratulated for his victory. Jahn was also the year with the song “Jackpot”. Large picture of Jahn and Silje Vige. Later this year it is Jahn mentioned in August month. It was then that Jahn’s daughter “stole Papa’s” show when they were both on Momarkedets scene to song. Sara (9) debuted with Papa Jahn that year. She is also a member of Jahn’s CD Rondo. Here is the picture of Jahn and Sara on the stage and photo from her birthday that year.

Historien om Melodi Grand Prix.
Jostein Pedersen – 1996.
Bladkompaniet A.Ş. – ISBN 82-509-3467-9. 

This book is dedicated to Jahn Teigen and Allisons.

Jostein Pedersen leads the countdown to the Grand Prix in Oslo with a weekly television program on NRK. Already after two applications, he achieved higher viewing figures than “Little Saturday”, and the interest for the final rapid increase to a fever-temeraturer.
In this book Jostein Pedersen gathered background material for television programs. There are, of course, lists of all the international winners and winners of the Norwegian finals. Here are photos of artists and overview of the Norwegian contribution to score a point from Sweden – as well as a review of every Grand Prix since its inception in 1956.
There is both memorable and fun episodes:
Who had the ugliest teeth in some Grand Prix finale?
Which nork GP-text began a Norwegian cultural debate?
(The text of “Oj oj oj so glad I shall be” reproduced in its entirety …..).
This is a book for those who like Grand Prix, they will remember and shudder – and those who hate the Grand Prix circus passionate. For here you find everything ………….
In this book, on page 57 there is Jahn pictured with Black Lace. Page 59 of Wneche Myhre. While there is a separate page with Jahn Teigen. the years he has been involved in Grand Prix (page102).

Skiens Rocke Historie: 1957 – 1997.
Jørn R. Andersen and Dag Magne Andersen.
Genius Publishing – Skien – ISBN 82-91645-08-6.

This book examines the entire Skien’s Rock History from 1957 until 1997. The book went on sale in 1998. On page 31 so take it for himself the time Jahn was in Skien’s band Road. The story of the band starting on page 29 and a total of four pages. Road with Jahn described the concert in the 60’s (May 1968). in 1974 it was Jahn to play with Skien’s band gnomes and Dwarves at a concert in Sande in Vestfold. Gnomes and Dwarves are discussed on pages 75 to 78 (years 1968-69). Gnomes and Dwarves with Jahn described the concert in the 70’s (fall 1974).

Riller over fjord og fjell: Norsk rock på plate 1955 – 1977. – En diskografi.
Thor-Rune Haugen.
Møklegaards Printing A.Ş. – Fredrikstad – ISBN 82-997310-1-1. ISBN 978-82-9997310-1-1. 

This book was released in fall 2006.
Thor-Rune Haugen (f.1956) is the man behind Slots over fjords and mountains. He is a trained journalist, but live to be foyballkommentator on Canal +. Previously, he was among made his mark as Haugen in the Citizen (Casino, Tv Norway) and as host of the radio programs that Peil Rock (NRK). Haugen is also widely known as a plate collector, is The Zodiac, The Who, pg Fairport Comvention among his favorite bands, and owns most of the plates, which are depicted between this book’s covers.
Grooves over fjords and mountains is his first book.

To submit this project in one sentence:
Grooves of the fjord and fjeld is a list of what was released on record by the Norwegian rock and rock-related artists and bands in the years 1955 to 1977. But it does not stop there, here are also included what might come later of unreleased cuts, etc. from the same period. And as if that is not NOK, are also included recordings made by the Norwegian rock artists published abroad. In other words, this is a discography, tried made as complete as possible.

The result is a work that includes eleven hundred illustrations in four full-color (and in an individual case five). Big words and high numbers, yes. but who could guessed that Norwegian rock from the period have been found for sale on record for thirty different countries? Who would have thought it? From teen beat to progressive rock, from Aunt Mary to the Wizards, here is solid evidence of the Norwegian rocks distribution, both in Norway and discharged.

In Slots over fjords and mountains:
On page 19 he takes for himself Arman Marsh Sr.
On pages 59 and 60 he takes for himself the Enemies.
On pages 132, 133 and 134 will have on the Popol Vuh / Popol Ace.
On page 207 he takes for himself Jahn Teigen.

Null Points.
Tim Moore – 2006.
Jonathan Cape – ISBN 0-224-07780-5. ISBN 978-0-224-07780-4. 

The dazzling emptiness, the reinforced stubbornness of national stereotypes. A scoreboard that has borne the stamp of shameless and corrupt love / hate voting between the neighboring countries … .. Despite this, the Eurovision Song Contest pulled us toward the couch through the long decades after ABBA.
Somewhere, between the power ballad the Austrian, hand-jivende Latvia and Malteserske electrical guys, wondering the biggest mistake of them all: our inexhaustible fascination for the unfortunate, who are abandoned to a lonely journey to the windswept peaks of the Mountains Fiasco, without a single point related to their name.
With a lighter look on the entertainment world’s most ragende humiliation, More Tim tries to track down the fourteen unfortunate Grand Prix Erne, who have come and gone since Jahn Teigen left the Palais des Congres scene in 1978, where he stretched his suspenders with subsequent split jumps.
More Tim has traveled from Lisbon to Liverpool, from the Black Sea to the Baltic region, the continent through, to hear their unique stories, the tragic, the absurd, and the uplifting. A retelling of a journey through an amazing development of the Grand Prix.
A tribute to the poppkulturelle meaninglessness, which does not at least have helped prevent a third star in the EU flag in three decades, and who has also speeded up the end of Western Europe’s last dictatorship.

More Tim is a rare talent in comedy. “Without doubt, the funniest reiseskildreren in the world”. He has found inspiration in the Eurovision Song Contest with its unfortunate participants.
“Nul Points” is his best book to date.

OM Jahn Teigen.
Morten Stensland – 2008.
Aschehoug & Co.. (W. Nygaard), Oslo – ISBN 978-82-03-23412-5.

About Jahn Teigen! The Big Little Man!

A book about Jahn Teigen! This is a book told by himself and those who have been his very closest: Ove Borøchstein, Odd “Odd Man” Gulbrandsen, Thor Andreassen, Tore Syvertsen, Herodes Falsk, Anita Skorgan, Sara Skorgan Teigen, Lage Fosheim, Dag Erik Pedersen, Trond Myhre, Trond Lie, Eivind Landsverk, Frida Thorsen and Øistein Wickle.

Jahn Teigen – Sangbok.
Pantagruel Forlag 2010. ISBN 978-82-7900-359-5.

My first love was music.

This love I want to share with you. My first songbook, with guitar chords, notes, chords and lyrics.

I have compiled a selection of my most famous songs and whether you want to sing or play guitar, I hope that you will enjoy this book.

My first guitar I got for my tenth birthday. I realized quickly that song and toner was exciting. In a tone evoked a mood that creates images and words. Sometimes lures tune the joy and warmth, other times a melakolsk or a sad mood. The words and melody hiding always a little story or a moment in time.

It features songs such as: Min første kjærlighet, Glasnost, Mil etter Mil, Do Re Mi, Esilio Paradiso and many many more.