Jahn has appeared in following movies.

POPOL VUH – STUDIO OG LIVE.Approx. 7 1 / 2 minutes – VHS – 1975.
Director: Knut Bohwim.
Production: Team Film A / S.
“Popol Vuh” with a young Jahn Teigen at the head plays two songs. “Queen of All Queens” and “Music Box”.

Prima Vera og skatten i tårnet (NRK 1977).
More information comes later.

Prima Vera og robåtmysteriet (NRK 1977).
More information comes later.

Prima Vera – Uten en rød tråd.Comedy – approx. 45 min – VHS – 1981.
With: Jahn Teigen, Herodes Falsk, Tom Mathisen.
Honorary Guest: Øivind Blunck.

Prima vera with madness, you never seen before:
Prima vera with new sketches in a new media for the Norwegian entertainment: Never before has it been possible to see Jahn Teigen, Tom Mathisen og Herodes Falsk turn loose and do whatever they want on TV.
This is the first show in Norway that are designed specifically for video. Most of the show is contemporary, but it’s also included a couple of skits that have always been censored off the grounds “this is the game” every time Prima Vera has tried in TV. See “Hjemmets altar” and “Ants sketch” and experience with their own eyes what NRK believe is the game to be sent out in the thousands of homes: Successes like “The Happy Wedding of The Phantom”, Fisle Narre Panne i Tyrol “and countless” Prima vera tour entitled ‘ is evidence that it is wild gags and crazy skits they’ve mastered. Prima Vera’s favorite actor Øivind Blunck has a strange sense of humor, and after having been staged “Fisle Narre Panne in Tyrol”, as well as a guest on Prima Vera’s latest LP disc ” the 5th “, it is only natural that he also is involved in this madness. Sit down well at home in the chair and have served more than 40 sketches in a pace faster than AG.

Prima Vera – Ha ha he he ho (The crazy has `s good).
Comedy – VHS – 1982.
With: Jahn Teigen, Herodes Falsk, and Tom Mathisen Øivind Blunck.
Written by: Prima vera. Manufactured by: John M. Jacobsen. Director: Herodes Falsk.
Distributed by: Mayco A.Ş.
4718 new skits, 318,419 new jokes, and 510 new melodies. Prima Vera: De Gærne harè Godt.
SE ….. two people in the same bed! SE ….. a man with two days old underwear!
Nuummi inuusuttut atagatigiit oqalugiaataat.
Tamatta DE Gærne HAR’E GOOD NIIT ataatsimik tunngaveqarluni assigiinngitsulluunniit aqqutigalugit suliniaraluaraanni angusassaq piaarnerusumik aammalu isornaatsumik kusanartumillu naammassineqartarmat.
Suliniutit tamakkua assigiinngitsut aammalu ilioriaatsit ingerlanniarneqartillugit tamatigut nalunngilarput aqqut sorleq atorniarneqartartoq, amerlanertigut aqqut atorneqarajuttoq tassaasarpoq naalagaaffiup aningaasaataanik Jahn Teigen kumuunip landskassilluunniit aningaasaataanik tunngaveqarluni Herodes Falsk neq. Tom Mathisen ingerlanneqartillugit takussaasarpoq suliffeqarfinnut aammalu aningaasaateqarfinnut assigiinngitsunut qallunaat nunaanni ingerlanneqartunui Øivind Blunck ingerlanneqartarneri.
Oqaaseq namminersulerneq aammalu 1st class film & video A / S uterfigeqqilaartigit. Taakku oqaatsit eqqaasagut siulliit taakkununnga naapertuutinngillat. Nammineernerulereq isumaqarpoq nammineq assaat pissarsiallu atorlugit ingerlanialerneq. HA HA HE HE HO isumaqarpoq allanik isumalluuteqanngivilluni ingerlaneq. Taamaattumik inuusuttorpassuusugut namminersulernissaq kiisalu nammineernerulernissq kissaatigaarput, taamaattumik kissaatigaarput takorluugarpullu naammassissagutsigu.

LP nersuutit pineqartut HA HA HE HE HO aaqqissuisut sisimiuninngaanniit nassiussarsiarisimavaat. Paasisimavarput siunnersuutot taakkua ukiut arlallit.

Carl Gustav, gjengen og parkeringsbandittene.
Drama – 82 min – VHS – 1982.
With: Frank Arne Johansen, Kjetil Bøe, Marianne Øversveen, Merethe Andersen, Jarle Rosenlund, Marius Hansteen, Sigurd Werring, Gregory Hines, Eilif Armand, Henrik Scheele, Jon Berle, Svein Moen, Sverre Johan, Ulf Larsen, Jan Einar Johnsen, Boris Romanov, Anne Loennechen, Lars Gåsdal, Else Michelet. etc.
Jahn Teigen sings two songs in the film. Composer here: Pete Knutsen. Composer of “Jippo Song” is Per Kristian Indrehus. Song text is written by John Nyquist.

Carl Gustav is 12 years and particularly interested in comic books and detective work. The guys are his friends, two boys and two girls the same age and “Rævdiltern” George who is seven. One day the playground is their away and replaced with parkometre. Soon disappear several playgrounds. What happened? Our friends recognized a sinister plot.

Prima Vera`s Saga Om Olav Den Hellige.
Comedy – 12 år – 1 t. 35 min – VHS – 1983.
With: Jahn Teigen, Herodes Falsk, Tom Mathisen Øivind Blunck, Black Lace, Bjorn Skifs etc.

This was the year’s most controversial film. It was slaughtered by most critics, but nevertheless one of the movie year’s stord successes. Prima Vera’s film is crazy Group’s highly personal view on the history of St. Olaf from the time he is born until he dies in battle at Stiklestad. Watch the video and judge for yourself. Many believe there is a proper funny film that deserved better treatment by the press. Jahn Teigen has also made music
which was very popular on the hitlists.

Sanser og signaler – 3 (The Movie Movie).
8 min – VHS – 1986.
Director: Don White. Production: National Film Board of Canada.
Production Country: Canada. Scripts and Lyrics: Don White and Bruce Ruddell.
Music by Bruce Ruddell.

Here in this film starres the following:
Song: Jahn Teigen. Piano: Espen Hana. Butcher: Tom Braidwood. Mother: Georgina Ding Well. Father: Bruce Ruddell. Daughter: Juno Ruddell. Son: Caelin White. The dog is Aristotle.
This is an educational film about the film’s instruments and our perception of motion pictures. This film is suitable for media knowledge in primary and secondary. But by all means, there is nothing in the way that others can see this filmen.Film is not reality. Film is the to which we all know that people are using film art techniques and instruments to get us to think, feel, cry, laugh. Although we know that we are being “manipulated” by all kinds of beautiful people vitkemidler, destroys not our experience if the movie is good. In this “movie-film” revealed some of the medium’s secrets to the delight of adults and children.
To explain this in the film as singing Jahn this.
In the same series as the “film”:
Listen to audio and Tingenes voice. Suitable media knowledge across the primary and secondary.
Jahn contribute not on these two.

Topp – TV 3′ 86 med Jahn Teigen.
VHS – 1987.
More information comes later.

På stigende kurs.
7 år -98,45 min. – VHS – 1987.
By: Arve Opsahl, Day Frøland, Kjersti Holmen, Mari Maurstad, Wenche Foss.
Director: Bo Hermansson.
Music: Egil Monn-Iversen.
The song “The rising rate” is sung by Jahn Teigen. Text: Andreas Markusson.

On the rising price is a film about a naive man’s wonderful life. It is a movie about how much one gets in their children, only one is sufficiently far away from them. But first and foremost it is a film about how easy it is to become infinitely rich and giddy happiness.

Comedy – 15 år – 95 min. – VHS – 1988.
With: Jahn Teigen, Dan Ekborg, Inger Lise Rypdal, Sten Åke Cederbøk, Sven Wollter, Gøsta Engstrøm, Sif Ruud, Earl Borssén etc.

Here in this film are Jahn Teigen “model railway builder”.
The former criminal Johannes (Sven Wollter) has taken a “small loan” of their former villain buddies, to begin an honest life. The money he has, among other things innvestert in shares which now falls catastrophically. Now John is without a chance to pay back the loan, and with a couple of “gorillas” in heels. John gets a tip that some Russian crown jewels will be transported from Helsinki to Stockholm on board a Finnish ferries. He looks with his one chance to make his life’s coup …
I wish it were that simple.

Sigurd Drakedreper.
7 år – 93 min. – VHS – 1988.
By: Kristian Tornby, Per Jansen, Terje Strømdahl, Roller Smit, Brit Elisabeth Haagensli, Cathrine Bang, Per Kristian Indrehus, Joachim Calmeyer.
Director: Lars Rasmussen, and Knut W. Jordfald.
Screenplay: Lars Rasmussen, and Knut W. Jordfald.
Photo: Kjell Vassdal.
Music: Randall Meyers.
Production Country: Norway.

“As wild animals they came out of the night – Illugene! They killed your brother and your father. Earl swore eternal vengeance! Blood-revenge is your heritage Sigurd Drakedreper”.

Sigurd Drakedreper is a film about jarle son Sigurd who grow up in a time when conflicts be solved with weapons. Sigurd is named after a legendary hero, Sigurd Fafnisbani. It is expected that he will grow up and become a strong and våpenfør Vikings, all of his family. He will lead blood-revenge on and avenge the murder of his brother. Illugene, which is jarleslektens enemies, wondering somewhere out there in the dark! Based on the book by Torill Thorstad Hauger.
In this film has not Jahn Teigen any film role. Nor is the song “Throw Weapon” as Jahn Teigen stands for.
This came as a single in 1989.
A: Optimist.
A: Throw Weapon.

Walter & Carlo.
Comedy – 10 år – 1 t. 24 min – VHS – 1989.
With: Jahn Teigen, Tony Curtis, Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen, Ole Stephensen, Jan Malmsjö, Ghita Nørby, Søren Østergaard, Bjørn Watt-Boelsen, Belinda Metz, Claire Celluci, The Nightingale and others

Here in this film plays Jahn Teigen KGB agent.
Don Johnson go home!
Walter & Carlo, the Copenhagen Vice. The world is in danger! Once again playing the intelligence people high game with the earth’s future. This time it’s not the KGB, not the CIA – but WC: Walter and Carlo, the dumbest men in the northern hemisphere. Now you are warned, search coverage!
Of course, have no heroes from the shoemaker a few things about the big political circus that they suddenly become the center for. They believe they must follow “The Little Mermaid” to a major exhibition in the great city of New York. Never has the little lady with a fish tail been the subject of so much attention. Not because she is topless, but because she carries all the top secrets that are worth knowing, about the U.S. `s newest weapons development …
The world’s fate lies in the Walter and Carlos hands. When is the next flight to Mars?

Viva Villaveien.
Comedy – 10 år – 1 t 42 min – VHS/1989 – DVD/2004.
With: Actress Brånnstrøm, Minken Fossheim, Elsa Lystad, Geir Børresen, Vibeke Falk, Sverre Hansen, Anne Marie Jacobsen, etc.

Hello everyone!
We should just enjoy ourselves in peace and quiet in Bahia Feliz, I and Mrs. Lindblad. But suddenly all the crazy neighbors from Villaveien there, and it was the craziest vacation anyone can imagine. But fun it is. Has not the time to write more now, I must run for their lives.
Regards Vera

In this comedy has not Jahn Teigen any film role. It is rather the songs that Jahn Teigen stands for. Jahn Teigen performs: Paradise and Bahia Feliz. This came as a single in 1989.
A: Paradise – music by Geir Børresen and Bent Åserud – Text of Ove Borødchstein.
B: Bahia Feliz – Text of Ove Borødchstein.
This single came out in conjunction with the film has come in duplicate.
Single two have a pressure in the upper right corner “With regards from Star Tour”.

Mat og mat.
18 min – VHS – 1990.
Director: Erik Solbakken. Production: National Movie Central.
Production Country: Norway.

With: Jahn Teigen, Anne Lene Ruud and Morten Strand.

Jahn Teigen and two older shows proper nutrition in humorous skits and colorful discussions. In this video shows Jahn Teigen and young Anne Lene Ruud and Morten Strand that proper nutrition is important. Through humorous skits and colorful discussions highlighted Nutrition Council matvettregler into four sections:
How much, what, when and how should we eat? “Food and food” is well suited in nutrition education in primary schools, but also in other contexts where the diet and health are on the menu.
NB! With this film as it comes with a booklet that deals with the individual parts of the video and that it also has some pictures of Jahn.

Prima Vera – (a) live.
Comedy – 90 min – VHS og DVD – 2000.
But there are so sjukt. So insanely hopeless. And laugh at the purse of the hernia.
For Beatels it is impossible …
For Monty Python, it is impossible …
But Prima Vera survive all …
Prima Vera – one of Norway’s greatest comedy successes of all time is back with a show for the benefit of children and adults in almost all aldre.Hvis you for a moment thought that Teigen, False and Mathisen had expired, only to run to the nearest VCR to deny the creeping suspicion. Ninety minutes of frenzied madness unreserved, unencumbered mimring and incomparable humor performed by three eternally young musical masters in green tights, couriers as well as rheumatic fever ingrained skepticism before you can say “Swedish hell”! The already small historic cartridge can hold in your hand, contains the absolute highlights of wooden lion rets jubilee show at Sentrum Scene in Oslo West. After 17 years in oblivion valley is Prima Vera once again prima care of the top shelf.

1. Spenning i lufta.
2. Det er en fin dag.
3. Velkommen, og takk for ølet.
4. Kåre Hitmaker.
5. Toalettmannen.
6. Så lykkelig i Sverige.
7. Jesus som stand up.
8. å fjerne brukkne ribben.
9. Dikt til folk uten humoristisk sans.
10. Liste over mennesker å skygge unna.
11. Ooo lesbisk mor.
12. Hun vil aldri forstå meg.
13. Piker, vin & sang.
14. Nostalgiske truser.
15. Kaster opp.
16. Min første kjærlighet.
17. Så fint å være idiot.
18. Dialekter som påvirkes av klimaet.
19. Når Jumpa spiller tuba med rumpa ne`på Cuba.
20. Sauer på axxeie.
21. Det er Norge som er bra.
22. Sceneskrekk.
23. Bløtekakekunst.
24. Naboen.
25. De gærne har det godt.
26. Rest of the best.
60 min med bonusmateriell!!

Prima Dessert:
– Fra minnekonsert for Marius.
– Prøver.
– Pressekonferanser.
– På turne.
– Live på ridderhallen 1979.
– Prima Vera mimrer.
– Kontrakt.
– Fotoalbum.
– Forfilm fra showet.

Prima Dessert:
– Fra minnekonsert for Marius.
– Prøver.
– Pressekonferanser.
– På turne.
– Live på ridderhallen 1979.
– Prima Vera mimrer.
– Kontrakt.
– Fotoalbum.
– Forfilm fra showet

Comedy – 7 år – 15 min – VHS – 2002.
Director: Rasmus A. Sivertsen. Manufacturer: Ove Helborg. Production: Qvisten
Animation. Screenplay: George Rødsten. Production Country: Norway.

Amanda Nominated, funny and wonderful animation of the best Disney-style! Guggen is a tough rat boy most of all enjoy the fresh air. It does not his mother, she thinks that the rat boys to keep down the sewer and make mischief. The father of Guggen is cool, but lazy. One day Guggen, the father and the surrete his friends in the mission to find The Big Cheese Paradise. Not least, this means a lot to her mother, who will make rats answers on Christmas Eve. to come home without cheese is unthinkable. Guggen, his father and his friends set out on an adventure that no one – absolutely no one has seen before!

The music of this film is at: Sondre Lerche and the Palace of Pleasure.
Famous actor’s voices: Jahn Teigen, Jo Øigarden, Espen Eckbo and Espen Skjønberg.

Smilet i øyet.
Documentary – 11 år – 81 min. – DVD – 2002.
Director: Piotr Kuzinski. Manufactured by: Bente Olav Kuzinski. Music by: Puffball, Xploding Plastix, Trancefixion, Helene Widmer and others Assistant to the manufacturer / opptakslyd: Åshild Bernstein Van Nuys. Photo Editing: Piotr Kuzinski. Sound design: Håkon Lammetun. Screenplay Script: Piotr Kuzinski and Bente Olav Kuzinski. Produced with support from the Norwegian Film Fund by playing filmkonsulent Harry Guttormsen.

With: Three young girls and a mother. Jahn Teigen, etc.


A documentary about three young girls and a mother. A film about the party, intoxication, ups, downs, and music. His smile in the eye describes a ground-breaking culture, and takes the pulse of rave and house party environment in our time.
We meet three young girls and a mother who has lost his daughter, and see how the four fates intersect through a year of påå and downs. The film touches universal themes such as losing one of his closest, grow up, live with poor self-esteem, the desire for the self-destructive in us, and to take responsibility for their own lives. With entertaining hefftighet ir the voice of young people’s struggle for dignity and identity. the smile in pill form resulting from the lack of smile in the eye among the people?

It examines also where one of the young girls want to sing and record their own songs. And it is here Jahn coming into this film. A dream that this girl is and where Jahn teaches in his studio.

Popol Ace – Silently Loud i symfoni med Kringkastingsorkesteret (KORK).
Consert – Mer en 4 timer’s DVD – 2004.
5.1 lydmix: Øystein Halvorsen. Technology: NRK Production. Director: Torstein Vegheim. Project manager: Ida Simonsen. NRK Kulturavdelingen idea and plan: Bill Roger Gystad and Thor Andreassen (Popol Ace).

Popol Ace: Jahn Teigen, vocals. Arne Schulze, guitar. Pete Knutsen, guitar and piano. Terje Methi, bass. Thor Andreassen, drums.
Conductor of the Radio Orchestra is Noel Kelehan and Orchestra Events, Pete Knutsen (Popol Ace).

In these rock historic times in Norway with NRK’s major investment in each Sunday with a rock in Norway as Popol Ace delivered a stunning concert at Rockefeller in Oslo on 23.01.2003 with the Radio Orchestra. And for those of you who did not experience this can now buy this DVD. Here is the incredible amount listed below. Popol Vuh from the legendary music festival Ragnarock from 1974 could be mentioned as well as Norway’s first music video, “Queen of all Queens.

This DVD with Popol Ace is two discs.
DVD 1 deals with:
Popol Ace with the orchestra from Rockefeller (Oslo) 23 January 2003.
1. Bury me dead.
2. Today Another Day.
3. Hunchback.
4. Between you and me.
5. Leavin ‘Chicago.
6. I can see Tears.
7. The Jester.
8. All we have is the past.
9. Dark Nights.
10. Sleepwalker.
11. For Eternity.
12. Queen of all Queens.

Bonus material on DVD 1:
– From the samples.
– Backstage before the concert.
– Interviews with Jahn, Pete, Terje and Thor.

DVD 2 addresses:
Archive Material from NRK with Popol Vuh and Popol Ace.
– Popol Ace in the studio 2 from 1976.
– Popol Vuh. Ragna Rock from 1974.
– Popol Ace in Flimra from 1976.
– Popol Vuh with the song Leavin ‘Chicago from 1972.
– Team footage from the recording of “Music box” in Rosenborg Studio and “Queen of all Queens” on Leopard Club in Oslo. Director: Knut Bohwim.
– File links with commentary by Jahn Teigen and Thor Andreassen.

And to the end of this DVD it’s a secret bonus track.