Tønsberg Hockey Club – 1963.
Jahn Teigen was starting Tønsberg Hockey Club.

Player of the year – 1964.
Jahn Teigen was the best player on the boys team keeper. And the first time on TV as a goalkeeper for the Vestfold in Tv puck (Sparta Amfi as a keeper) (Sarpsborg at Østfold).

Grammy Award – 1972.
Jahn Teigen and Popol Vuh was tuildelt Grammy award for rock for their debut album, Popol Vuh.

Grammy Award – 1978.
Jahn Teigen was honored for best male artist for the album, “This Year’s Looser”.

Honorary “russ” – 1978.
Honorary “russ” in Tønsberg 1978.

Det Nye – Microphone prize – 1978.
In 1978 the magazine: Det Nye gave the award for: Det Nyes Silver Microphone prize. Jahn Teigen was awarded this prize.

This Year`s Artist – 1979.

In 1979 named The Newspaper VG Jahn Teigen to this year`s artist.

Honorary “russ” – 1980.
Honorary “russ” in Oslo 1980.

Grammy Award – 1983.
Jahn Teigen get the jury’s award of honor.

Gammleng Prize – 1984.
Gammleng prize was established by the Fund for performing artists in 1982.

25 years after the fund was established in 1975. It is awarded to athletes who deserved a way has contributed to phonograph recordings or theatrical performances. The award is named after Rolf Gammleng was Federal Chairman of the Norwegian Association of Music when the fund was created. It is awarded each year cost to around 10 athletes in various classes.

Jahn Teigen received this award in 1984 for the class POP.

This Year`s Artist – 1988.
In 1988 named The Newspaper VG Jahn Teigen to this year`s artist.

Wang High School – 1995.
Jahn Teigen was awarded the Wang High School as æresambasadør.

Norwegian Artist Association Ærespris – 2003.
This prize is awarded annually by the Norwegian Artist Association.
The first time it was released in 2002. The award is only awarded to artists in Pop / Rock and then excellent performer in the composer and / or lyricist.

Artist Award – 2004.
Jahn Teigen was awarded the Vestfold County’s Arts Award.

Teigens Place – Tønsberg 2008.
Jahn Teigen was honored with his own place in Tønsberg.

2 local stamps and two first-day envelopes – Tønsberg – 2009.
Jahn Teigen was honored with two stamps with a picture of the artist as well as two first-day enyelopes. One of the stamps have Jahn Teigen’s daughter Sara Skorgan Teigen character.

Association of Performing Artists – 2009.
Jahn Teigen received ffuk (Association of Performing Artists) Gamleng its price. Honorary Prize in days
02.11.2009 was presented by our new Culture Minister Wittfeldt. This is the Hotel Continental.

Grammy Award – 2010.
Jahn Teigen get the jury’s award of honor.

The Sun Price – 2010.
Jahn Teigen was awarded The Sun Price of Rjukan in Norway.

National stamp Norway – 2010.
In 2010 Jahn Teigen was awarded a nationalt stamp.

King’s Medal – 2010.
The King of Norway. King Harald has appointed Jahn Teigen knighted by 1 Class of St. Olav. The beloved entertainer has been awarded the prestigious award for his efforts as a musician and artist. This information comes from the royal house.

The publication – Norwegian Classics 1945 – 2012.
Jahn Teigen proclaim at the top of the list of Norwegian releases in popular culture in Norway.

June – 2012.
Jahn Teigen gets own exhibit at the Rockheim – Trondheim – Norway.
This is from 21 – 06 – 2012 to 31 – 12 – 2012.

June – 2012.
The song Min første kjærlighet by Jahn Teigen was named by Vesfold Newspaper and newspaper readers
to the all-time Vestfold song in July 2012.

July – 2012.
Jahn Teigen is honored with own statue in his hometown Tønsberg – Norway.

August – 2012.
Jahn Teigen is incorporated in the Hall of Fame at the Rockheim – Trondheim – Norway.

Honours Award at this year’s comedy award ceremony awarded Prime Vera

Jahn Teigen was awarded Se & hør`s the audience award