On This page, I would like to thank all the contributors.

I extend my deepest gratitude to Jahn Teigen for allowing me to do this. From the first moment on, You have shown great interest, commitment, and patience to my work. Thank You for all the long and pleasant phone calls, sand our meetings. I know You have been very busy, but still You found the time to help.
Thank You so much Jahn.

A big thank You to former Child Star, Anne Mette Pålsrud, for many, long, nice and late phone calls. You have been very helpful.
Thank You Anne Mette.

Thank you to the writer Eva Christiane Borgengård for many phone calls, and lending me info on Jahn. Best of luck in publishing your two new books.
Thank You Eva.

Thank you to my beloved daughter who helped me write these pages. She`s much better with a computer than her father. Marte has also photographed the Albums I own, so they could be published.
Thank You to my beloved daughter Marte Wickle.

Thank You Eivind Rølles (former The Monroes), Petter Stokken, Frank Hauge, Bård Hansen, Per Thomas Råum, Erling Johannessen, Marit Haakonsen, Bjørn Brenskog and Helene Rognøy who all works at Emi Norsk A.S.. You all have been marvellous.
Thank You all.

Thank you Morten Bakke, Jørn Dalschow, Børre Brenne, Jan Fredrik Karlsen and Åse Mathisen at Polygram Records A.S..
Thank You all.

Thank you Arne Bendiksen and Heidi Bakken at Arne Bendiksen Records A.S.
Thank You both.

Thank you Bengt Sæther at Norske Gram A.S.
Thank You Bengt Sæther.

Thank you Jahn Teigen, Per Einar Goldeng, John Erik Holtan, Freddy Lepsø from The Enemies.
Thank You all.

A BIG thank you to Guro Barstad in VG. Thank you for letting me in at the 6th floor to make copies of what you have written about Jahn all these years.
Thank You Guro.

Thank you VG – Fakta.
Thank You.

Thank you Thor Andreassen from Arman Sumpe d.e., Popol Vuh and Popol Ace etc. For info about shows and performances with Arman Sumpe d.e. og Popol Vuh. You have helped me BIG time.
Thank You Thor.

Thank you Kai Eide and David Cooper for info about “Mil etter Mil”. Kai Eide and David Cooper wrote “Mile after Mile”. It was written in David Cooper`s apartment back in 1976. Kai Eide wrote “Mil etter Mil” i 1976. The song we ALL remember from Eurovision Song Contest 1978. When the English version of the song was to be recorded , Jahn and Tore Syvertsen chose to use David and Kai`s versions as the final translated version. The Single “Mile after Mile” is credited to “Kai Eide – Ray Cooper”. But as David says himself when I ask: Ray Cooper was a typo. It should have said David Cooper.
“Yeah, I remember that. Ray Cooper was Elton Johns percussionist, so I guess I should be flattered….but it`s me, really.”
Thanks To Kai and David.

Thank you to the library of Høgskolen i Vestfold for lending me a copy of “Carl Gustav, gjengen og parkerings-bandittene”.
Thank You Høgskolen i Vestfold.

Thank you Ottar Olaussen. Ottar was the lightning engineer to Popol Vuh og Popol Ace during fall 1973 – spring 1977. Ottar was also the lightning engineer to Jahn during Teigens Tropper in 1979 and Teigens Telt in 1980. For ALL the info about Popol Vuh, Popol Ace, Teigens Tropper og Teigens Telt.
Thank You Ottar.

Thank you Lars at Yellowfloor and Jahn Teigen who made it so my page “Musikalsk Historie 1964 – 2010” is at Jahn`s official web site.
Thank You Lars and Jahn.

Thank you Laila Røde Cave at Avis 1 in Oslo for sending me publications about Popol Ace.
Tusen takk Laila.

Thank you Øystein Paasche (deLillos) at Universal Music A.S., Norway for many various conversations and the info about the Popol Ace box, The DVD with Popol Ace and much much more.
Thank You Øystein.

Thank You to Jon Elseth at Elseth and webmaster Sondre Berg.
Thank You Jon and Sondre.

Thank you Pjokken Eide (Arman Sumpe d.e. and Popol Vuh) for all those pleasant phone calls. For info about his own record “Pjokken Eide synger Rødt, Hvitt og Flott” and info about Popol Vuh and their shows.
Thank You Pjokken.

Thank you Freddy Lepsøe (The Enemies) for many nice phone calls and info about The Enemies shows.
Thank You Freddy.

Thank you Knut Bohwim for info about the movie Popol Vuh i studio and live from 1975.
Thank You Knut.

Thank you Sandrew Metronome Norge A.S.
Thank You.

Thank you Pål Christoffersen for helping me closing the gaps in my private collection. and many pleasant conversations. It`s amazing what you can find when you do a little searching. I also thank You for helping with translating.
Thank You Pål.

Thank You Bente Davidsen at VG for info about VG’s big CD collection of Norwegian artists. Jahn is at disc 2 with the song “Min første kjærlighet”.
Thank You Bente.

Thank you WebMaster Lasse Sevaldsen for all your help with these pages.
Thank You Lasse.

Thank you my dear friend Hans Petter Nenseth who helped me rebuild these pages.
Thank You Hans Petter.

Thank you WebMaster Eric Dahl for your help setting up and the forum. And translate to english.
Thank You Eric.

Thank you to the following persons:

Mikkel Aas (Oslo), Arild Jacobsen, Fred W. Alvad og Reidar Arman Myhre (Arman Sumpe d.e.), Rolf Johnny Wæhre (Oslo) (Oslo Rock Antikvariat), Rolf Tveitan, Ann Kristin Bjerke (Sverige), Jørn Andersen (Skien), Thor-Rune Haugen (Oslo), Tore Larsen, Bjarne Bakke, Ivar Nilsen, Kato Hansen (leder Norsk Grand Prix Klubb), Jarle Teigøy, Arve Sigvaldsen, Hanne Fevik (Oslo) (Se & Hør), Petter Wilhelm Viken, Jo Hjermstad. Markus Holgersen (Skien), Jon Vidar Bergan, Svein Arne Yven, Ola Trygve Kvitle, Anders Svendsen og Håvard Oppøyen ved Norsk Filminstitutt, Morten Vrangum (Skien), Kjell Arne Hunstad, Frank Olaf Folkedal, Ove Kristian Nysæter, Øivind Roth (Oslo). Petter Lauritzen (Tønsberg), Birger Rotmo (Levanger), Anne Mælum.

Thank You All.

Best Regards
Øistein Wickle.