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ARMAN SUMPE D.E.: "Fly high " and "Steelgrass"

ASde 1ASde2


First it was The Enemies. So was the Red Square and since Lions of Judea. Then it went on the last verse of the Lions of Judea Jahn had knowledge of a newly started band in Norway who called themselves the Arman Sumpe (dur express).

The musicians in Arman Sumpe D.E. was Pete Knutsen (guitar and piano), Terje Methi (bass guitar), Thor Andreassen (drums), Fred W. Alvad (B-2 Hammond Organ), Steinar Kristiansen (Trumpet), Pjokken Eide (flute, trombone) and Reidar Arman Myhre (saxophone). By returning to Norway Jahn went straight into the band that he had heard much positive about in a short time. He joined the band as vocalist.
Arman Marsh Sr. came only with a single. On this single was the song "Fly High" and "Steel Grass". Jahn sings lead vocals on both songs. The single came on a 9 position on the European summit in May 1972.
During the recording of this single involved Arne Schulze (guitar) in the Arman Swamp For the first time.
The name Arman Sumpe D.E. came from the name of Reidar Myhre (Arman), and rewrite the Myhre who was the "Swamp". Arman Sumpe D.E. later became the Popol Vuh.
This single was released on Polydor in 1972, and came out with three different cover: Two of these are shown above. The third cover was that publishers cover.